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Our Work

SAMRIDH SAMAJ TRUST focuses on developing the potential of women and girls to drive long lasting equitable changes. We strategically emphasize on promoting quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities and disaster relief and preparedness. Our efforts are focused to fight against underlying causes of poverty and ensuring a life of dignity for all women and girls from the most marginalised and vulnerable communities, especially among Dalits and Adivasis.

समाज में व्याप्त कुप्रथा, कुरीतियां , गलत परंपराएं ,गलत विचार आदि को रोकना एवं लोगों कघरेलू हिंसा, बालश्रम ,बलात्कार, शोषण दहेज उत्पीड़न ,हिंसा, दंगा आदि को रोकने हेतु विभिन्न कार्यक्रम करना एवं लोगों को जागरुक करना .

How you can help


SAMRIDH SAMAJ TRUST vision To strive to reach the last person of the society, make them aware and work on issues like health education, unemployment, epidemic alcohol and take them towards a developed society.


Our mission is to build a developed nation till 100 years of India which is famous as its pole image and powerful nation on the world stage..

Working Model

The people of our organization go to the village and talk to the poor, helpless and backward people, listen to their problems and help them and try to solve the problem. There are many such businessmen and social workers in the country who find a platform to help the helpless and poor Samridh Samaj Trust is a better platform for all those people.,


We provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginalised communities.

We help children with limited means get access to quality education, with a focus on street children and girls.